Worship: Encounter With Glory

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Jan 27, 2019 | Rev. Dan Kiehl

Worship: Encounter With Glory

Worship as Remembering

1. Remembering God's gifts to us

     a. Forgiveness

     b. Healing

     c. Deliverance from Death

     d. Covenant Love

2. Remembering who we are and who God is

     a. Our Frailty

     b. God's Sovereignty

1.) What are the 4 "marks of an oak of righteousness"?  [discipleship (education), hospitality (loving others well), outreach, worship]  How do these relate to one another?  Is there anything missing from these 4 marks?
2.) What does the Bible mean when it warns us against "forgetting God"?  What leads to us forgetting Him? 
3.) How do you prepare for worship - at home, before the service, during the service?  
4.) Are you more comfortable in a church with more liturgy or less liturgy?  What is the purpose of each part of Oakwood's liturgy - call to worship, confession/assurance of pardon, hymns/songs, Scripture readings, confessions of faith, pastoral (shepherding) prayer, tithes & offering, preaching, benediction?
5.) "Remembering the Covenant" is an important part of worship - what is the Covenant?  How do we remember the Covenant?
6.) Who are we, according to the world?  According to Scripture?  Who is God, according to the world?  According to Scripture?  How does Scripture's portrayal of who we are and who God is relevant to our worship services?


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