Small Groups


Small Groups and Bible studies nurture Christian maturity in believers, introduce non-Christians to the study of the Scripture, and are a great 'portal' into the life of the church. Those who participate in a Small Group or Bible study enjoy Christian fellowship with one another, study God's Word together, serve each other and the church, deepen in prayer together, and engage in richer relationships than can be developed on Sunday mornings alone. If you are interested in joining a small group, please contact the church office at 814.238.5442 or , and we will have the group leader contact you with more information.


Current Small Groups

Bert Messelink /// Reason for God /// Bi-weekly Sundays /// 6 pm


Dante Bonaquist /// God's Law and the Christian /// Bi-weekly Sundays /// 7 pm


Bill Bonness /// Jim Bennett /// Tim Eshelman /// Sermon on the Mount ///Bi-weekly Sundays /// 7:15 pm


Ling Rothrock /// Matthew /// Sundays /// 7 pm


Rob Fillman /// Jeremy Amaismeier /// Philippians ///  Wednesdays /// 6 pm


Doug Sharp /// Matthew /// Thursdays /// 7 pm


Tim Johnson /// Prayer and Fellowship /// Bi-weekly Thursdays /// 7:30 pm


Josh Troxell /// Mark/// Thursdays /// 7 pm



Just for Women

Leslie Pillen /// Romans /// Mondays /// 7pm


Meredith Griffith /// Ephesians /// Mondays /// 7:30 pm