Oakwood Church Leadership 


 Jesus Christ calls Elders to serve as His under-shepherds, to govern and to lead His church (1 Timothy 3:1-7; Titus 1:5-9).

The body of Elders is called the Session. Governing by a plurality of Elders, rather than a single leader, the Session offers built-in accountability and support as together the Session seeks to shepherd the flock. The Session enjoys further accountability and support through Oakwood's denominational relationship with the Presbyterian Church in America. Regional churches of our denomination gather together on a regular basis to examine men for ministry and to address pastoral or disciplinary concerns that go beyond the ability of the local congregation to address. That assembly is called Presbytery. Each year the churches of the entire denomination gather together at the national General Assembly, which is the highest "court" of the Presbyterian form of church government. The General Assembly sets policy for the entire denomination.

Daniel Kiehl


Owen Hughes

Associate Pastor

 Jeremy Amaismeier

Elder - Clerk of Session

 Bill Bonness


 Dave Borch


 Conal Carr


 Tim Eshelman


 Brian Roberg


Ling Rothrock


Doug Sharp


Bert Messelink

Elder Emeritus


Perry Denniston

Elder Emeritus