Hospitality: Loving Others As Christ Loved Us

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Feb 03, 2019 | Rev. Dan Kiehl

Hospitality: Loving Others As Christ Loved Us

What Does Grace-Driven Fellowship Look Like?

1. Unconditional Commitment to One Another
2. Unconditional Acceptance of One Another
3. Sharing One Another’s Burdens
4. Continual Peacemaking

  1. How does going through a trial together affect a relationship (friend, parent/child, marriage) in positive or negative ways?
  2. Of all the different fruits of the Spirit, why is love the preeminent one, making it one of the marks of an “oak of righteousness”?
  3. What is the difference between the love of a Christian for others and the love of a non-Christian for others?  Can a non-Christian’s love be “genuine”?
  4. Who are the “lowly” in our culture?  In the church?  How does the Gospel transform our view of them?  Do the “lowly” get treated as well as the “respectable” in the church?  
  5. What does it mean to not claim that any of your possessions are your own, like the early church in Jerusalem?  Practically speaking, how do you “rejoice with those who rejoice and weep with those who weep”?
  6. How does a broken relationship get fixed?  What role does the Gospel play?  What should you do if the other person refused to be reconciled?

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