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Sep 22, 2019 | Rev. Dan Kiehl

Fruit of the Spirit - Love

The Evidences of Life

The Greatest Fruit

I.   The Nature of God

II.  The Gift of God

III. The Ongoing Work of God


1.) Have you ever personally known someone who seemed to be a genuine Christian but eventually walked away from Christ?  How did this affect you?

2.) Does the Bible teach that we can be sure of our salvation?  If so, can this assurance come and go?  

3.) In Galatians 5, what is "the flesh"?  What is the difference between "walking by the Spirit" and "works of the flesh"?  Can good works be motivated by "the desires of the flesh"?  What is the difference between a "work" and a "fruit"?

4.) Why is love the most important of the fruit of the Spirit (or is it)?

5.) Is there a difference between saying that "God is love" and "God loves" or "God is a loving God"?

6.) How is the love of our new nature in Christ different than the love of our old sinful nature?  How does the Gospel about Jesus' incarnation, crucifixion, and resurrection give us a new definition for what love is?

7.) Why is loving one another as Christ has loved us so important to everything we do in ministry at Oakwood?  How do we nurture the growth of this kind of love?

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