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Nov 03, 2019 | Rev. Dan Kiehl

Fruit of the Spirit - Kindness


Uncommon Kindness & Goodness

     1.) Our Kindness & Goodness Must Go Beyond Reciprocity

     2.) We Must Trust in God's Reciprocity

     3.) God is Our Greatest Reward

1.) Do you have friends who have very different beliefs and values than you have?  How do you stay friends with those people?
2.) In Scripture, what is "kindness" and what is "goodness"?  What is the difference between them?
3.) If true kindness and goodness are fruit of the Holy Spirit, then what causes unbelievers to act in good and kind ways?
4.) How do you know if you're kind and good actions are motivated by the love of Christ or "reciprocity"?  How is "quid pro quo" different than "quid pro nihilo"?
5.) What are the kinds of reward that God promises to us when we are faithful in kindness and goodness?  What rewards do we receive in this life?  In the next life?
6.) How does the understanding that God is our Father motivate us to kindness and goodness?


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