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Nov 24, 2019 | Rev. Dan Kiehl

Fruit of the Spirit- Self Control

Building the Walls of Self-Control

     1.) The Epiphany of Grace

     2.) The Training by Grace

     3.) The Epiphany of Glory
Questions for Small Groups:
1.)  What is a battle with self-discipline that has been a struggle for you?
2.) What is "self-control"?  How is it related to being filled with the Spirit?
3.) How is the Biblical fruit of self-control different than what we typically call will-power?
4.) What does Jesus mean when He says that we must deny ourselves in order to follow Him?
5.) How are we to enjoy the pleasures that God's creation offer to us?

6.) What are the two "epiphanies" that we look to for the strength and motivation to be self-controlled?  How do they "transform us by the renewal of our minds”?



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