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Feb 24, 2019 | Rev. Dan Kiehl

Branching Out: A Heart For The Lost


1.) What evangelism "programs" have you seen or participated in that were effective? What was good about them? What was bad about them?

2.) Why do you find it difficult to talk to others about Jesus Christ? What would make it easier for you?

3.) Do you find it difficult to see the people that you interact with as "the lost" - "harassed and helpless sheep without a shepherd"? What hinders our compassion for them?

4.) What is the role of the church in preparing believers to evangelize the people in their lives?

5.) How can we make prayer for the lost foundational to our lives as individuals? To our ministry as a church?

6.) What does pursuing unbelievers look like? What mistakes have you made? What have you found to be effective?

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