Worship @ Home

Oakwood worship service

December 27, 2020


Here is everything you need to guide you through “Worship @ Home.” The bulletin looks very much like the one you expect to receive when you come to Oakwood for worship. You can print a copy for everyone to use, but it’s important to notice that there are links in the digital version which will take you to an introductory video, videos with music and lyrics for the hymns and songs (just click on the name of the hymn/song), and the video of the sermon. Take note that there is also a link to the church website for online giving of tithes and offerings as well. You may want to project the bulletin onto your TV from your computer or phone, if you have the means to do that - when you click on the videos they should pop up on the screen. Be aware that the song videos are on YouTube and may be preceded by commercials - you can click past them on the lower right-hand corner after a few seconds. We are praying that the Lord will be glorified in and pleased with the worship in the homes of all those at Oakwood on this Lord’s Day. Feel free to reply to email us afterwards and let us know of any feedback that you might think would be helpful to us. May God bless you with His presence and favor! 

In Christ, Pastor Dan

 Here is a link to the Downloadable PDF or you can view the bulletin below