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Oct 20, 2019 | Rev. Dan Kiehl

The Fruit of the Spirit - Patience

Patience Based in Hope
  1. The Farmer:  Patience With What You Can't Control
  2. The Prophets:  Patience With Opposition & Rejection
  3. Job:  Patience With God's Plan & Purpose
  1. What are some examples of our society's pursuit of instant gratification?  How has this seeped into the church?
  2. What are some examples of good things that take patience to acquire?
  3. If we are commanded to be patient in Scripture, how do we obey that command?  How is what we believe related to our ability to be patient?  Why do we spend little time thinking about the return of Jesus Christ?
  4. What does a farmer teach us about patience?  What does a prophet teach us about patience?
  5. What truths about God are we forgetting or denying when we grumble against one another?
  6. What can we know about God's purpose for our suffering?  How does this enable us to be patient?

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